Sophia Roud Cinematography

Hi, i'm a 16 year old cinematographer and photographer living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Film is my passion! Check out my 2013 Cinematography Demo Reel here: 

Working a steady cam on set!

Working on set of our new film!


"Dad Come Play With Me"

I really like this edit because it’s different from what I usually do. I was setting up for a silhouette photo of the tree to the sunset after shooting a family in Magic Island today and this little boy runs up to his father as he yells “dad come play with me!” It was adorable and cute and I got a much better photo then what I anticipated for!

My dad was able to snap some pics of me today on the beach right by Rabbits Island! Needed to updated the profile picture :) 


Shot my first family portraits this evening! The kids were so cooperative and it wasn’t too hard getting them to smile! I defiantly want to do more family type portraits because I love capturing kids emotions and laughter! 

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Shannon and Sarah!

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Nick’s senior portraits! Taken last weekend! 

Senior Portraits of Connor, Taylor and Nick! Took these last weekend! 

Markus took some pictures of me today A+ for face and camera cooperations